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How To Use Business to Business Customer Surveys on Those Hard To Reach Customers


Best Practice in B2B Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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InfoQuest is not just about reaching those hard-to-reach customers of yours, but also getting their feedback on that all-important business relationship – getting answers to up to 60 questions and statements posed on your behalf.

Everyone has hard-to-reach customers.  By definition, these decision-makers are busy people and are probably not the direct recipients of your goods and services (which would make life easier in tracking them down).

Here are some examples of what we work with: –

  • Senior marine engineers, on boats, where we have to send the InfoQuest survey box to the next appropriate port that they will be docking at.
  •  Senior staff at gold and copper mines, mainly in Africa, Asia and South America, based at remote locations working a 30-day on, 30-day off shift pattern in the middle of nowhere.
  •  Regional directors and VPs who look after wide geographic areas such as EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asia) Nations, or even just a country (the U.S.A. for example), who are on the road or in the air for much of the time.
  • Heads of Department and Senior Buyers at large retail establishments – the sort of people that outsiders just can’t get hold of and who seem to be always in meetings.
  •  Production and design engineers who arrive at work early, spend half an hour at their desk and then spend the rest of their day out in the factory or visiting suppliers.

At the time of writing we are just finishing off a repeat survey for a client whose customers are based worldwide – some of them in the gold and copper mines mentioned above.  This customer satisfaction survey, as many of projects are, is multilingual and multicultural.  The current response rate (and the project hasn’t been closed yet) is 83%.

We can do this for you.

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InfoQuest is a method for obtaining the views (or perception) of your most important customers regarding your business processes. It is a business process review of your operation from your customers’ point of view. In essence, it is a customer satisfaction survey specifically designed for B2B organisations, where each customer both brings and requires different things to and from the relationship. It is customer relationship management. And perception is everything.


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