The 4 Cornerstones of Staff Engagement

1 – Visionary leadership

No, it does not mean leaders have to be clairvoyant!  What it is saying, is that the leaders of engaged organisations demonstrate the ability to communicate both enthusiastically and in a manner where everyone ‘gets’ the raison d’être of the organisation. ‘Why’ it exists, where it has been and where it is headed.

2 – Enabling Management

Management is typically the weak spot for organisations who wish to encourage engagement. The managers role is traditionally one of command and control and subordinates who have ‘ideas’ are feared.

In an engaged organisation the managers role is to direct and focus enthusiasm, ideas & suggestions etc. A good manager focuses and channels but does so without undermining. A good manager facilitates ideas and helps their people to develop themselves.

3 – Authentic Listening

In an engaged organisation everyone’s ideas and suggestions are a) taken seriously and b) actively considered. This is not always easy; previous experience can often get in the way of such considerations. However, everyone up to the CEO must be prepared to commit to listening with an open and unencumbered mind if the organisation is to fulfil its true potential.

People do not mind rejection IF they are truly listened to; i.e. listened to with empathy.

4 – ONE Standard

This is about walking the talk, ensuring deeds match actions, ensuring what is said is backed by measures that reflect the correct ethos. Engagement can never end up as some initiative or marketing ploy designed to placate staff, customers or shareholders. The only double standards should be those experienced by customers of your competition.

David Newton-Dines is the very best person to help you engage your staff. He has worked across many industries and simply delivers. Many people feel staff engagement is somehow a restrictive practice – but it’s actually exactly the opposite.

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