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Autocratic managementIn times gone by, it was the educated elite who ran organisations. They employed uneducated ‘labour’ to do their bidding.  Today we finally understand that the autocratic (do as I tell you) and outmoded business model can no longer deliver for today’s inclusive and collaborative organisations.

Having spent a King’s ransom employing the perfect people, it is perfectly reasonable to ensure their contribution to your business is the very best it can be.  To guarantee the best contributions we now know we must engage them, they must ‘buy-in’ to the reason the business exists (the Why) and not just the What or How – because everyone does that!

Staff who feel valued (the basis for engagement) will naturally value customers more. Customers who are valued spend more per average transaction and are more prepared to pay a premium; they churn less and you increase their wallet spend percentage (their total available spend) with you – too.

Engaged staff are motivated to improve processes and procedures by cutting out that which is non value added, and they do this because they can, they possess that genuine sense of belonging that only comes from being valued. Engaged staff demand fewer pay rises, churn less and work harder too. This is all borne out by research by the Chartered Institute for Personnel Development.

So how can you tell if your staff are engaged?

What are their levels of contribution compared to their perceived limits?
– What is restricting them from reaching their limits, where or why?
– What potential you have paid for but not yet realised?

The answer of course is simple – Ask!

PWWPUndertaking engagement surveys means you leave nothing to chance, you know exactly what is happening, where & why so you are in control of your business. You can choose from a generic question set (often a good place to start), or specify your own if you feel your circumstances are unique or you have specific issues to explore. Regardless of which you choose, InfoQuestCRM’s employee engagement surveys can identify areas right down to individual departments, IF, that is what you chose.

The standard InfoQuestCRM products are best used in organisations where approximately 400+ responses are expected. We also produce paper based and online questionnaires for smaller organisations to the same, extremely high, standard but for staff numbers down to as few as 25.

Guaranteeing good response rates depends on a number of things. Simply committing to this formal process demonstrates how seriously you are taking this to staff; that itself makes more people contribute. Making it clear that the results will be shared with staff (warts and all) sends out yet more positive messages and guarantees even better response rates. The more you show staff you are serious, and the more you both share and action outcomes, the more the response rates will grow over time.


Some organisations are frightened of what staff have to say. Some organisations fear they may be perceived as ‘soft’. Make no mistake, listening to what your staff have to say is the only way to guarantee sustainable, low cost, high profit success. Staff engagement is no soft option, it is both good business practice and enlightened. Staff give feedback for one reason only – they care. If your staff cannot, or will not, engage then simply find people who can and will!

InfoQuestCRM’s David Newton-Dines has many years of experience, across many industries, in dealing with the design and outcomes from these types of surveys. He is happy to guide you through, facilitate or even run feedback or training sessions to help take what has been learned and turn it into usable positive actions that grow your organisation.  Pick up the phone today (+44 7803 136613) or email ( for a no obligation chat about how we can help you improve your business.

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