Sample Questions for Staff Engagement Surveys

The questions and statements below are for staff engagement surveys.  Unlike the InfoQuest B2B customer satisfaction surveys and employee opinion polls, the engagement surveys tend to need a much greater level of input from InfoQuest in order to maximise the benefits for the client.  Here we are showing some of the more common questions.

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FC01      How satisfied are you with the fairness shown by your manager to you and your colleagues?

FC02      My manager has a consistent management style.

FC03      My manager is never overly critical of team members.

FC04      My manager never plays the blame game.

FC05      My manager regards a mistake as an opportunity to learn.

FC06      My manager demonstrates faith in my abilities.

FC07      My manager often uses a consultative management style.

FC08      My manager encourages the challenging of decisions.

FC09      My manager’s use of humour and sarcasm is appropriate.

FC10      My manager never displays favouritism

FC11      My manager never talks about team members behind their backs.

FC12      My manager never criticises team members in front of others

FC13      How satisfied are you with the respect shown to you by your manager?

FC14      My manager treats all team members with respect.

FC15      My manager’s mood is unpredictable

FC16      My manager is always calm under pressure.

FC17      My manager continually offloads their stress to team members.

FC18      My manager is consistent in their approach to managing.

FC19      My manager never panics about deadlines.

FC20      Feedback from my manager is always helpful.

FC21      “Do as you’re told” is my manager’s motto.

FC22      How satisfied do you feel engagement is at heart of your manager’s actions?

FC23      How satisfied are you with your manager’s workload distribution?

FC24      How satisfied do you feel with your manager’s appropriateness of mood?


PC01      My manager adopts a mediator role in conflict situations

PC02      My manager resolves squabbles before they turn into arguments

PC03      My manager deals objectively with all employee conflicts

PC04      My manager ignores all employee conflicts

PC05      My manager never uses HR’s skills to help deal with problems

PC06      My manager never follows up on conflicts post resolution

PC07      My manager offers no support through incidents of abuse

PC08      My manager ignores bullying incidents

PC09      My manager always takes ultimate responsibility if things go wrong

PC10      How satisfied do you feel with your manager’s support if things go wrong?

PC11      How satisfied do you feel with your manager’s ability to resolve conflict?

PC12      How satisfied do you feel with your manager’s mediation role?

PC13      How satisfied do you feel with your manager’s abuse support?


KG01     My manager always offers advice when asked

KG02     My manager always shifts responsibility for problem-solving to senior management

KG03     My manager always knows when a team member needs advice

KG04     My manager only ever gives vague advice

KG05     My manager always clarifies role requirements

KG06     My manager never defines role outcomes

KG07     My manager has no idea of their own role outcomes

KG08     My manager knows exactly what I am employed to do

KG09     My manager rarely communicates

KG10     My manager does not allow team members time to plan

KG11     My manager has no understanding of our processes

KG12     My manager understands our procedures completely

KG13     My manager always follows up action points

KG14     My manager always makes time for team members

KG15     My manager cannot make a decision

KG16     How satisfied do you feel with your manager’s depth of knowledge?

KG17     How satisfied do you feel with your manager’s understanding of your objectives?

KG18     How satisfied do you feel with your manager’s decision making ability?


R01         My personal life is of genuine interest to my manager

R01         My manager is always aware of how I am feeling

R03         The pressure team members are under is understood by the manager

R04         My manager never creates opportunities to speak one-to-one

R05         My manager brings in treats for the team occasionally

R06         My manager spends time socially with the team

R07         Having a laugh at work is important to my manager

R08         My manager is disinterested in the team’s life outside work

R09         My manager never asks ‘How are you?’

R10         How satisfied do you feel with your manager’s ability to motivate the team?

R11         How satisfied do you feel with your manager’s communication skills?

R12         How satisfied do you feel with your manager’s ability to empathise?

R13         How satisfied do you feel with your manager’s desire to empathise?


SD01      There is always time to discuss my career development

SD02      Career development is something my manager actively supports

SD03      My manager always seeks opportunities for my career progression

SD04      My manager arranges time off from my role for personal development opportunities

SD05      My manager never arranges personal development activities

SD06      How satisfied do you feel with your manager’s desire to develop team members?

SD07      How satisfied do you feel with your manager’s efforts to develop team members?

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