Customer satisfaction survey results – a balanced approach for taking action

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For me it’s the best part of the job – delivering the results of a B2B customer satisfaction survey to the client’s senior team.  We’ve done our best to get you the best response rates for surveys, so you have a lot of data to work with. Over a full day you can see not only the report being delivered, but it being received and accepted, and the beginnings of an action plan evolving.

The format of the day is well documented – there is a 2-page pdf on the Downloads page and, internally, we even have a 9-page procedure – and its true that the client does all the hard work.  InfoQuest is only there to guide, to facilitate and to encourage.

In terms of guidance, I encourage the teams to take a balanced approach when looking for ways to increase profitable sales [based on the feedback from their customers].  Some of our clients are familiar with Kaplan & Norton’s Balanced Scorecard.  Yes, these results do fit into the scorecard, but far too many consultant-designed schemes are too complex and ponderous for the average Board of Directors.  All that I am asking for is that the teams take the time to appreciate all the opportunities, from the top-level, helicopter strategic view, down to the detail of exactly who said what; and from the corrective actions required through to maximising the possibilities from those customers that love our client.

This last area, with customers saying that they are Totally Satisfied with our client, is probably the one that most clients have difficulty addressing.

The client is allowed a few seconds to reflect on and bathe in their success.  But then they need to capitalise on it.  How?  This is where the encouragement comes in.  If a customer is totally satisfied then our client should be asking for references; referrals; recommendations; Case-studies; and all of their spend [if they don’t already have it].  And these totally satisfied customers recognise the value of this relationship over and above the price of the physical thing they are buying.

My favourite statement from the InfoQuest library is 47D.

Your company provides valuable ideas that help me increase profitability.

No matter how simple your product or service offering is, you should still be aiming for your customers to Fully Agree with this statement.  This is the clever stuff.  This is where increased margins come from.  Do this successfully and this is where your prices can go up.

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