Best Practice in B2B Customer Satisfaction Surveys –

A Practical Guide

“I don’t think I have seen any other literature on the topic which takes it head on. Its crisp, very readable and extremely pertinent.”

Abhinaba Chatterjee

“Improved performance and profitability are shared annual goals for most enterprises, and surveying customer satisfaction is an action item in most annual business plans.

Most leaders acknowledge improving customer satisfaction is a powerful driver for enhancing profitability. But for all good intentions, few enterprises actually employ customer satisfaction surveys, and even fewer do so effectively.

If a customer satisfaction survey is part of your 2016 business plan, a new book, by John Coldwell and Howard Plomann can help you get the most from your effort. The book, “Business to Business Customer Satisfaction Surveys Best Practice – A Practical Guide,” rewards your time investment by providing four key “HOW TOs:

1. How to select what customers to include in your customer satisfaction survey

2. How to increase survey respondent rates

3. How to decide what to ask in your survey

4. How to put survey results to practical/profitable use.

I am thankful for the opportunity to share this great resource with my customers and across my spheres-of influence.”

Phill Domask, President and Go-to Guy at the Phill Domask Consultancy, an organization with the high purpose of transforming the construction industry through education, training, and promotion.

“This is an extremely useful and practical guide for any organisation that really wants to engage and understand the importance of what is meant by Business-to-Business (B2B) interactions in the modern work environment. Right from the outset it clarifies the usage of terminology and continues with a highly practical approach in showing the relevance and significance of developing highly effective customer satisfaction surveys. It is based on the accumulated and collected evidence of the authors experiences in this field and provides numerous examples of real real-life scenarios around producing practical methodologies to gain insight and act on the information supplied in surveys. It includes how to avoid asking dumb questions and has examples of questions that can be applied and varied for different contexts. It represents the condensed wisdom and knowledge of survey design whilst illustrating customer feedback as a business critical tool when properly thought-out and applied. Whilst covering techniques such as Net Promoter Scores it never descends into unaccounted theoretical models or frameworks. It remains a practical How-to-Guide throughout aimed at avoiding the pitfalls of wasting valuable customer engagement. Your survey can say a lot about you as an organisation; this guide will enable you to get it right first time and should assist in maintaining your customers remain your customers.”

Matt Hunt
Head of Service and Content Development (Science, Technology & Medicine)

“If you are responsible for managing customer satisfaction and if you use customer satisfaction surveys, particularly Net Promoter Score or a similar approach which balances customers who are satisfied with those who are not, you should use this book to help you check that what you are measuring is what you really want and need to measure and that when your company acts upon your customer satisfaction findings, you know how to measure the impact of any changes. You may not agree with everything in the book, but you will almost certainly emerge from reading it much wiser about the meaning and measurement of customer satisfaction.”

Professor Merlin Stone

“If you are serious about growing your business in a profitable manner, then you need A Practical Guide to Best Practice Business-to-Business Customer Satisfaction Surveys. This book, written from experience, maps out a clear and concise strategy to define and execute a satisfaction survey which will provide you valuable insights to enhance your performance, customer satisfaction and ultimately profitability.”

James E. Carpp, CISA, CRISC, CIRM
Chief Information Officer


“A very interesting, thought-challenging and worthy instructional guide that goes beyond the cosiness of traditional B2B marketing research orthodoxy.”

Graham Javis

” A highly practical and valuable guide to making customer satisfaction surveys value adding rather than being seen as boring and routine. Instead of trying to be defensive with your surveys make sure that you use them to drive profit. This short easy to read guide will quickly help you get there.”

Frank Neale
53 Chandos Place
London WC2N 4HS

This book delivers exactly what the title promises, a comprehensive explanation of why customer satisfaction surveys used correctly are a powerful tool in maximising client satisfaction and a powerful catalyst for achieving sustainable and profitable growth in the B2B sector.

Just as importantly it explains the “How” of achieve these much sought after results.

It is an easy read in one sitting and in my opinion will become a seminal reference guide on this subject.

A must read for everyone involved in building and improving B2B relationships down from the Chief Executive to everyone who interfaces and influences your client’s perception of your service and products, not forgetting your receptionist and delivery driver!

Richard Grafton C.Eng.
Interim Executive & Manufacturing Projects Consultant


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