Management Surveys

Management Perception Surveys

Management perception surveys are one of our most popular features.

Utilized as an adjunct to either a customer or employee survey, we provide each senior manager in your company with a specially modified survey box that asks them to predict how they believe your customers (or employees) are going to respond to the survey. The results can be both enlightening, and frightening.

Improving customer or employee relations can not be done without total management buy-in and participation. Through InfoQuest Management Surveys, we are able to illustrate and drive home how well – and often, how little – your management team is in touch with customer sentiments.

As one company president once said, “(evidently) my people look in the mirror and see Superman, when they should be seeing Elmer Fudd. Looks like it’s time for a new mirror.” We couldn’t have said it better.

Go to section 7 (page 107) 0f the Sample Customer Satisfaction Survey Report for a full run through.

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