Increasing Profitable Sales

The raison d’être for any B2B customer satisfaction survey should be “To increase profitable sales”.  The increases will come from three routes.


Reduced customer churn

We need to identify individual dissatisfied customers, find out what has led to the dissatisfaction and do something about it.

Selling more to existing customers

The use of “share of wallet” or “percentage penetration” figures will help identify key customers who could and should be buying more from you.

Increased prices

Customers that love you will, by definition, understand and value your company’s contribution to their success.  If you go the extra mile, and your customer knows that (and values that) then that opportunity should be realised.


An InfoQuest customer satisfaction survey, run using our guidelines, will typically deliver a 10% increase in top-line sales.  The effect on the bottom-line however can be quite remarkable, because this additional revenue comes from existing customers and clients, who will simply be buying more from you, and can often be achieved with little or no capital spend or overhead investment.

Take a look at the graphs on the Your Customers page for more details.

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