Employee Opinion Polls and Staff Engagement Surveys

Employee Opinion Polls & Staff Engagement Surveys

InfoQuest employee opinion and staff engagement surveys are a proven vehicle for identifying internal roadblocks to communication, productivity and healthy morale.


As we exit the recession, many businesses are seeing staff churn increase and suffering its costly effects. High staff turnover equates not only to high costs but also lost opportunities. It is vital you isolate the reasons and stop the hemorrhaging as soon as possible. Even businesses that are not hemorrhaging staff can always can improve their operation and effectiveness by listening to what employees have to say.

Although the delivery mechanism on employee satisfaction surveys differs from that used in a b2b survey, the InfoQuest survey box remains the driving force. Using our prescribed system, the average response rate will generally exceed 95%.

InfoQuestCRM also provide employee and staff engagement surveys. We have a library of sample employee opinion poll questions and an example of an employee opinion survey report on the Downloads page.

InfoQuestCRM’s David Newton-Dines has many years of experience, across a wide range of industries, in improving not only the outcomes from these types of surveys but also advising on how to manage the ongoing situations. He is available to guide you through, facilitate or even run feedback or training sessions to help take what has been learned and turn it into usable positive actions that grow your organisation.

Don’t delay, call (07803 136613) or email (dnd@infoquestcrm.co.uk) right now for a no obligation chat about how we can help you achieve your goals and best possible performance.

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