Customer Surveys

The three most important aspects of an effective B2B customer survey are:

High response rates

If you are in B2B then you probably have between 50 and 500 key accounts. Obviously, using a web-based survey with a 5% to 15% response rate will give you little to work with, and using a straw poll for strategic decisions is dangerous. InfoQuest has an average worldwide response rate from hard to reach decision makers of 70%. A high response rate will give you the confidence to take the feedback on board and take action.

Lots of Questions

To make the feedback as useful and useable as possible you need to drill down into the relationship issues that your clients, key accounts and business partners may be experiencing. InfoQuest has four “Top Level” questions: – 1. Overall A. On an overall basis, how satisfied are you with our company? B. How satisfied are you with the ease of doing business with our company? C. I would purchase products or services from your company again. D. I would recommend your company to an associate. In drilling down terms, after that, you can pose up to 56 more questions and statements, either chosen from our library (with associated benchmarks) or tailored to your specific needs. Then there are two additional open questions on the mini-survey – a folded piece of paper that goes in the box. 1. What would you consider to be the most significant single action we could take to enhance our value as a service provider to you? 2. Any additional comments you care to offer?

Open questionsSupplemental Information Form

Asking lots of questions allows you to understand your customers better, leading to better customer relationships.

Attributed Feedback

In business-to-business people buy from people. It’s a trust thing. It’s a relationship thing. Different people have different needs and wants. They have differing business priorities. And egos can get in the way. That is why InfoQuest attributes all feedback. We tell you exactly who said what. This allows you to treat your customers as individuals; to have that all-important 1-to-1 relationship with them; and to give them exactly what they are looking for.

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