InfoQuest is all about:-

  • Helping you sell more to your existing customer base by reducing churn.
  • Identifying those customers that truly love you – and pointing you towards references, referrals, case studies and more work.
  • Helping you manage those all-important one-to-one relationships you have with clients, key accounts, business partners, dealers and distributers all around the world.


Founded in 1989 in Connecticut, InfoQuest specialises inB2B (business to business) customer satisfaction surveys for medium and large enterprises. Posing up to 60 questions and statements in the InfoQuest Box, we have an average response rate of just over 70%.


The InfoQuest Group has conducted over 135,000 surveys in 104 countries and in 25 languages, on behalf of client companies located throughout the world.  In most cases we then run full-day, post-survey workshops with the clients’ senior teams – ensuring that the results are clearly understood and working with them to construct a prioritised action plan.


Our clients’ typical return on investment for this simple procedure is embarrassingly high.  And InfoQuest continues to be described as the most cost-effective, dynamic and actionable B2B customer satisfaction survey available.


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