Live Chat is the little box in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen that opens up, displays the name and photograph of a member of staff, and invites visitors to the website to engage in a conversation. So, what is InfoQuest trying to do with Live Chat?


Well, we’ve been aware that there is a huge amount of information on the website. And there doesn’t seem to be a logical, linear way of presenting it.


The questions pages, for B2B customer satisfaction surveys, not for profit surveys and employee opinion polls, are all a bit overwhelming at first.


The Downloads page offers even more ‘stuff’. And, even though the new website has a search function, the sample reports really do need someone to guide you through them.


So, for a 30 day period we are trialling Live Chat, and for roughly 8 hours a day someone will be available to chat in this little panel. And, as I am both a believer in ‘just pick up the bloody phone and ask’ and a dreadfully slow typist, it is I who will be that someone.


Wish me luck.