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With global warming, extreme weather, climate change and resource scarcity all rising up the global agenda, it’s incredibly important that each and every person on the face of the Earth steps up and does something about it; we all need to take a greener, far more environmentally-friendly approach to living. Of course, much of this action needs to take place within the sphere of business, but how exactly can businesses step up to the mark and make a difference?


Post-Consumer Waste Products


Businesses of all kinds go through a vast amount of paper, cardboard and packaging, and this cumulatively can add up to huge volumes of waste. The solution? Utilise post-consumer waste products that are far more eco-friendly than regular paper products given the fact that they are produced using 45% energy and in doing so create half the waste, compared to regular products. Oh, and make sure you recycle all possible products, items and materials that would otherwise be thrown away – that’s a given!


Offer Recycling


If you’re a business such as a furniture retailer or DIY warehouse, the likelihood is that you’ll be delivering large products to customers and picking up their old pieces at the same time. If so, take a leaf out of the book of bedding website, Bedstar, a company that runs a mattress recycling programme for customers who would otherwise have simply thrown away their old mattresses upon the receipt of a new one. These kinds of schemes can really boost your environmental credentials.


Use Renewable Energy


In order to combat climate change, humanity needs to switch to using forms of energy that do not produce greenhouse gases such as CO2. Wind, solar, hydropower; all of these are the best forms of energy production in terms of environmental damage, and you can ensure your premises are powered by them in two ways. Either talk to your utility provider and ask to purchase only green power from them (boosting investment into their development due to the slightly higher price) or purchase your own wind turbines or solar panels, having these installed in areas such as roofs and car parks. The added bonus with idea number two is that you will have the opportunity to sell generated energy back to the grid.


Green Web Hosts


If like many businesses yours is conducted primarily over the internet, you can even make your online activities green too, through the use of green web hosts. These companies host your site but will also power their servers using renewable energy, will plant trees, will engage in carbon offsetting and generally will try their utmost to mitigate the environmental effects of their activities.


Follow these tips and your company will be a shade of green in no time! Know of any other great ways businesses can get greener? Tell us below!