“Begin with the end in mind” is a quote from my good friend Peter O’Donoghue. When Peter used the phrase he was talking about planning your marketing / sales / customer contact programme. But it’s truth is just as applicable to your customer satisfaction survey.

99% of our surveys fall under the general headline or raison d’etre of Increasing Profitable Sales. (The exceptions are those surveys carried out for due diligence, checking the perceived value of the business before an acquisition, and surveys carried out prior to a merger where our client wants to understand the customers feeling towards two different systems – for example sales order processing and deliveries – so that the ‘best’ system is adopted after the merger).

A reasonable expectancy for most businesses undertaking an InfoQuest customer satisfaction survey would be to see a sales uplift of 10%, achieved through a mixture of reduced customer churn; selling more to existing customers through the share of wallet part of the exercise; and increased prices from those customers that truly recognise our client’s value. And as that 10% uplift is usually achieved with little or no capital expenditure, a high proportion of that 10% drops straight down on to the bottom line.

Obviously, in order to achieve that end goal our clients need to prepare the ground first.

There is a useful ten-point pre-survey checklist available, which touches on most of the key points. But we are always more than happy to help you by discussing the options and sharing the experience we’ve built up over many years. There is no cost implication to you for this valuable advice simply because we’ve learned that the more we put into it then the more likely you are to come back, time after time, for repeat surveys.

Please call me, John Coldwell on the number above to talk about one of the easiest ways to increase your sales by 10%.