One might assume that the guy who invented the Net Promoter Score sees his creation as the best survey product on the planet.

Ready for a little surprise?


The premise of NPS, of course, is that the answer to a single question – How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague? – is the only thing business operators need to know in order to grow their business. Generate a better score than your competitors and YOU WIN!

But is it really that simple? The following question was found on a blog* authored by Fred Reichheld in 2006. The question was:

Can a one-question survey predict growth as accurately as a long survey?

This was Fred’s response to that question:

“If you can convince a customer to spend time answering dozens of questions, you can predict that customer’s behavior more accurately than you can with one question. The problem is, most customers in this busy world won’t give you that much time – witness typical survey response rates from 2% to 20% – and you couldn’t afford the surveying and data processing expense if they did.

In B2B the problem is even thornier, because the senior execs who drive purchase decisions are the least likely to tolerate lengthy surveys”

So the obviously conclusion is, if someone could find a way to pose 3 to 6 dozen questions to B2B senior execs; consistently generate a response rate way, way, way in excess of 2% to 20%; and do so for considerably less than the cost of, say, high-priced Boston consulting firms, they might really be on to something. Right Fred?


This is Fred Reichheld, author of The Ultimate Question, the book that started the self-proclaimed Net Promoter Movement.
Fred knows a bundle about promotion, but maybe, just maybe, not quite so much about how to conduct a customer survey.


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