B2B Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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Customer satisfaction surveys are all the same…..

No they’re not.  InfoQuest, global specialists in B2B customer satisfaction surveys, do them differently.

A 70% + average worldwide response rate from hard-to-reach decision-makers since 1989.

Up to 60 questions and statements, chosen by you

Attributed, named and highly actionable feedback from your most important key accounts.

Delivered in a full-day post-survey workshop with your senior team, ending with a targeted and prioritised action-plan to increase profitable sales.

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The most cost effective, dynamic and actionable business-to-business customer satisfaction survey

InfoQuest offers a highly clinical and extremely accurate means of measuring customer satisfaction. You will receive the true opinions of your customers and useful, useable feedback to produce actionable results.  If you are looking to sell more to your existing customers, reduce customer churn, develop a partnering attitude with customers, benchmark different divisions within your organisation, encourage continuous improvement or simply instil a recognised best practice, then InfoQuest is here to help you through its unique B2B customer survey box.

Worldwide B2B customer satisfaction surveys

Our number one aim is to give you highly actionable feedback from as many of your most important, hard to reach customers as possible.  For a discussion about getting the most out of your B2B customer satisfaction surveys, a copy of our price list, or just a chat about the tactical approach, please contact John Coldwell directly on +44 (0)1484 868 395 or by e-mail

On our Downloads page you will find example customer satisfaction survey questions and statements, sample reports and guidelines. A good starting point is to go through the 10-point pre-survey check list. We’ve also tried to help you by writing the guide – How to Choose Your Most Important Customers for a Business to Business Customer Satisfaction Survey. If you’d like help with other aspects of your c-sat survey please get in touch.

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