Stop wasting time and money

sending surveys that get ignored

 Here’s a way to get a 70% response on up to 60 questions…

even from those hard-to-reach customers


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Take an easy 10% sales uplift

A 10% sales uplift is what the average B2B organisation should expect if they follow our guidelines.

An InfoQuest customer satisfaction survey will help you prevent customer churn; sell more to existing customers and clients; and show you where prices can be raised without losing customers.

Why you should choose InfoQuest

InfoQuest’s customer satisfaction survey method generates an amazingly high average worldwide response rate of over 70%. Keep in mind that the industry standard ranges from 5% to 50%, depending on the media used. Even with the most expensive survey method, the dreaded telephone survey, the average response rate rarely breaks 50% — and that’s for short surveys that don’t offer much depth!  And web-based survey response rates are too low for B2B companies like yours.

The InfoQuest customer satisfaction survey process has three features that elevate it into a league of its own –

1) the extremely high response rates you get;

2) the huge number of questions you can ask; and

3) these attributed responses* that the Market Research Society and ESOMAR don’t want us to have.  Highly recommended (but not to our competitors)

*Applies only to customer satisfaction surveys, not employee opinion polls.


InfoQuest is recognised as the most cost effective, dynamic and actionable business-to-business customer satisfaction survey available.

These are just some of our clients: –

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We are International

The InfoQuest box is not limited by language or culture. It has been working in over 100 countries for over 25 years.

All major languages are covered.  We can work in everything from Afrikaans to Farsi.

InfoQuest has its own production facilities in The Americas, Europe and Asia.  We use local native language speakers in 95% of the validation ‘phone-calls (the other 5% is made up of bilingual folks who skip from one language to another).

Reports, like the one above, can be produced in whatever languages best suit your needs.  All you need to do is ask.

Our Return on Investment Guarantee

Our clients already know that we produce the most actionable customer satisfaction surveys in the industry. They come to us when other methods have failed, stay with us, and naturally provide referrals. In fact, most of our new clients are referrals from present clients.

Nevertheless, to make your investment in your customer satisfaction survey 100% risk-free, we can guarantee a minimum 10:1 return on investment.

You measure the ROI. Should we not meet the 10:1 ROI standard that we agreed jointly – there will be no fee.

Please call or contact us via the form below for details of how you can ensure a minimum 10:1 R.O.I.:

Success Stories — Learn how the InfoQuest Survey helped these businesses

International Logistics Company

This company, the second-largest in its field, generated over a half dozen ideas from the survey results. After implementing them, they received a 116:1 ROI.

Family-Owned Chemical Company

In the post-survey workshop, this company was introduced to an idea that generated it an additional 14.5 million pounds of revenue. The result was an astounding 483:1 ROI.

The InfoQuest Process

  1. Choose up to 60 questions and statements to ask your customers.

  2. Choose your most important customers for your survey and then wait.

  3. Receive a report from InfoQuest, summarizing the results.

  4. Engage in the full-day workshop with InfoQuest for an intensive consulting session that targets your business’s major areas of improvement.


  1. Work through the prioritised Action Plan as part of your continuous improvement programme.

  2. Get closer to and have a better understanding of the needs of your most important customers.

  3. Sell more to your existing customers and reduce customer churn.

  4. Achieve the raison d’etre for obtaining the feedback – increase profitable sales.

About InfoQuest

John Coldwell, UK managing director of InfoQuest

“This has to be one of the easiest ways for medium and large-sized B2B organisations to increase profitable sales” says John Coldwell (pictured right) UK managing director of InfoQuest. “Over the years we have fine-tuned both the power of the customer feedback and the way that feedback is used by our clients to such an extent that we can now, in most cases, offer our clients a 10:1 return on investment guarantee. If, at the end of the full-day post-survey workshop that we hold with you and your senior team, you are unable to predict a 10:1 return within 12 months, the survey will cost you nothing.”

Since 1989 InfoQuest has been internationally renowned for helping businesses around the world achieve record-breaking response rates in their customer satisfaction surveys. InfoQuest produces surveys in every major language (and even some non-major languages such as Afrikaans and Farsi).

“If you are looking to conduct an in-depth customer satisfaction survey on your most important customers and clients then you are in the right place.

“For a chat about tactics, an enquiry about the cost and the guarantee, or a walk-through of some of the resources on this site (sample reports, example questions and so on), please feel free to book a telephone appointment.”

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