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  • Average response rate is over 70%.
  • Attributed feedback.
  • Available in all the major business languages.
  • A 10:1 ROI guarantee available on most surveys
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  • Average response rate is around 95%.
  • Ideal for a geographically disparate workforce.
  • Staff Opinion Polls
  • Employee Engagement Surveys.


The InfoQuest customer satisfaction survey process has a number of features that elevate it into a league of its own –the extremely high response rates you get; the huge number of questions you can ask; and these attributed responses* that the Market Research Society and ESOMAR don’t want us to have. All topped off with the optional 10:1 return on investment guarantee.

*Applies only to customer satisfaction surveys, not employee opinion polls.


The most cost-effective, dynamic and actionable business-to-business customer satisfaction survey available.


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